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Jewish Orthodox Photographers

Orthodox jewish wedding

Wedding photography is one of the most popular and at the same time complex genres of photo art, because the master is faced with the task not only to show his professionalism, but also to take into account the wishes of the bride and groom.

In 2008, right after the impact of the economic crisis and rising unemployment, many camera owners - “SLRs” of the initial, secondary, professional level, and people who at least somehow own photoshop decided that shooting weddings is a great way to earn extra money. These actions had their consequences.

Firstly, the already fairly tight wedding photography market was critically overwhelmed. Secondly, the abundance of low-skilled photographers affected the overall quality of filming and as a result, the newlyweds began to receive photographs of an extremely low level. This led to a lack of confidence in the profession of a photographer as such.

All these negative factors distorted the very concept of “Wedding Photography”. Wedding photography, documentary and carrying memories (as it was planned), practically ceased to exist. For the sake of passion for glossy magazines and various processing techniques, she became completely empty in emotional and spiritual content. The vast majority of these photos resemble soulless advertising pictures of not very high quality.

“The difference in the quality of the images taken with amateur and professional cameras is huge. To understand this phenomenon, we need to deal with terminology. So: “professional camera” is any camera that a professional holds in his hands, “amateur camera” is a camera that an amateur holds in his hands. ”

Not the camera takes pictures, but a man. In order for the photos to work out well, this person must not only possess the required technical knowledge, but also an internal developed sense of harmony and aesthetics. In fact, how well a photograph will turn out depends on only one factor - the state of the Soul.

Franck Boutonnet (Top 10 Photographers in the World)

I strive to document all weddings with equal and constant attention, from small and intimate weddings, a few kilometers away from my home, or destination weddings at the other side of the world, or more traditional weddings with hundreds of guests... and whatever is the religion of the bride and groom... My photographic approach aims to tell a story, your story, or rather the story of this particular day that is your wedding.This story I’ll try to build it with you, your family, friends, families, children... I’ll do it with discreteness, spontaneity, perseverance, and good mood... And most importantly, I need to feel the trust that you place in me, which gives me the freedom to create images that tell the story of your wedding as accurately as possible. I will look closely at intimate moments... And I am aware of the responsibility involved in building a part of your family memories. So I will spend time with you. But I will also be where you cannot be that day. I’ll try to be your eyes, so that later these photos become your memory...

You came to our site because you are most likely looking for a wedding photographer. It is very important not to make a mistake, because the photos from the wedding will remain with you for life. Working with us you will receive magnificent photographs filled with feelings that will show the emotions and moods that were at your wedding.

Wedding jewish photography in USA

צלם חתונות במגזר החרדי

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