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Jewish wedding videography

Hello, My name is Moshe Chaim Katz and I am  Jewish Orthodox video photographer for events.
 What is important to know when choosing a video photographer for the event?


Hello! Today we will talk about what to pay attention to when choosing a video photographer for your wedding. For the first time, find some people who do video. Set a budget for yourself. If the budget is limited, we recommend taking a better video photographer for less hours or with a smaller package of services than a less successful video photographer with more hours or a large photo package. It is very important to clarify what kind of camera the photographer is taking video. Morally outdated camcorders and you will not get a beautiful movie with the background blur, so modern video cameras take cameras with cameras (DSLR, MILC (DSLN for example:


Canon EOSR, Canon 5d mark IV, Canon 90d (80d), Nikon z6, Sony a7 III (a7 II),

Panasonic GH5 (I do not recommend)


A must-have feature for video photography is also an electronic video stabilizer (Jimbal), which every high-quality video photographer must use. Sound recording is no less important than the video itself, check with a photographer using radio transmitters or not, and whether it replicates its recording on the recorder. Check out what style of video photographer works. And show him sample video clips that you like and want to get a similar video, it's best to show him some examples. We recommend asking the video photographer not to insert female dances into the main movie and clip, but to give you a file with female dancers individually, since none of the men will be able to watch the movie even a groom himself will have to avoid watching the movie from his wedding. If you are ordering a still image, it is also better to order a video camera for women for two reasons: not to miss important moments on the men's side and with the help of women, and the other so that the girls are not ashamed to dance in front of the man.

I hope we can help you choose a video photographer for your wedding, if you choose us to photograph your wedding you will get the best results.



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