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Jewish Orthodox Photographers

Jewish wedding videos

Hello, My name is Moshe Chaim Katz and I am a videographer for Jewish Orthodox events. What is important to know when choosing a videographer for the event?


Obviously when choosing a wedding video photographer he needs to know how to record and know how to do video editing, but there are some other important things for a God-fearing Jewish Orthodox person. What do you know about a man who is busy watching women's dancing and if a videographer put a woman's dance into a movie or a man's video clip to watch such a video, then a groom can't watch a movie from his wedding

Do you think it's okay? And a lot of people don't pay attention to it. And another thing we recommend: take a video camera to help women, so that is not to miss important moments, and girls are not ashamed to dance before the man. With us we give a women's movie in a separate file and don't put women dancers in the clip.




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