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Jewish documentary wedding photographers

צלם דתי

Jewish wedding photography



A religious photographer for your wedding should not only be a professional, he needs to know how to behave at your event and not get in the way. Do not ask to do strange, inappropriate poses to a religious or ultra-Orthodox person. A wedding photographer needs to know an event plan with all the small but important details for the family.

Cristiano Ostinelli (Top 10 Photographers in the World)

For me, photography has always been a natural thing, it takes a lot of preparation and skill, care and attention to every detail, but then things automatically. We must be able to predict what will happen, being in the right place the right time.

I like to combine the subject and the background, to its environment, a portrait set is my favorite thing. Choosing the right lens and the right position change much a photograph, not just what is happening or the beauty of the subject, the photographer has to give its stamp on the photo.

My two activities: wedding photography and photojournalism, the two can be very similar, you have to tell what is happening but we must do so with a personal style and attentive. Describe reality, but it also a little personal. I am very satisfied with my work to which I devote most of my life.

You came to our site because you are most likely looking for a wedding photographer. It is very important not to make a mistake, because the photos from the wedding will remain with you for life. Working with us you will receive magnificent photographs filled with feelings that will show the emotions and moods that were at your wedding.

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