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How to choose a photographer? #3

Hello, My name is Moshe Chaim Katz and I am an event photographer.
 In this video series I will talk to you about "How to choose an event photographer"?
So how do you choose a photographer correctly !?


Ever thought about how important the photos from your event are? Can service and quality be saved? And what is the difference between photographers? You will know all this after you see my movies!


I'm Moshe Chaim Katz, I'm a luxury event photographer,

Esther and I together manage our company that provides photo services to event owners who are looking for the best for themselves and unwilling to compromise on quality and quality.


Hello here Moshe Haim Katz Event photographer, and we are in the third video in the video series on how to choose a photographer for your event!


What is a professional photographer?


Often people bought a camera and started charging for the photography and immediately thought they were professional, some of them were flash carriers, or the photographer's assistants for a few months, and today they are sure to have turned them into professionals.

The truth is that photography is a science, and science has to be studied thoroughly.


Not for nothing, there are high school photography schools all over the world that require a few years of study and give their graduates professional certificates.


A professional photographer is not a robot that takes identical pictures every day, in the same poses with the same ideas ... A professional photographer can find personalize access to every client, know how to photograph a particular pair, in a way that fits that particular pair, and not another.

A professional photographer can work with all types of lighting: sunlight, candles. Incandescent bulbs, window light and LED lights.

He understands that this picture should tell people a story.

He knows what composition is.

He knows how to use his equipment, he knows all the written and unwritten rules of photography.

Unfortunately, such a photographer is not easy to find.

I have a little tip for you!

It is important to find out about the photographer where he studied, and what certificates he received so that you get the most professional and best person for your event.


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