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How to choose a photographer? #4

Hello, My name is Moshe Chaim Katz and I am an event photographer. In this video series I will talk to you about "How to choose an event photographer"?
So how do you choose a photographer correctly !?


I'm Moshe Chaim Katz, I'm a luxury event photographer,

Esther and I together manage our company that provides photo services to event owners who are looking for the best for themselves and unwilling to compromise on quality and quality.


Hello here Moshe Chaim Katz Event photographer, and we are in the fourth video in the video series on how to choose a photographer for your event!


I have a question for you, what better way to book a photographer directly or through a photo company?


When you invite a photographer through a company, you usually only get the name of the company and not the photographer you choose.

You usually get a hired photographer whose knowledge and qualities are not very clear and you do not know what result you will get from it.



When you invite a photographer in person, when he comes to the photographer it is clear to you that he has to maintain his reputation, so he will want to get the best result for you.


So my recommendation is clear!


Save the commission you pay the company and invite a photographer directly.



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