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How to choose a photographer? #1

Hello,My name is Moshe Chaim Katz and I am an eventphotographer.
 In this video series I will talk to you about "How to choose an event photographer"? So how do you choose a photographer correctly !?


Ever thought about how important the photos from your event are?

Can service and quality be saved?

And what is the difference between photographers?

You will know all this after you see my movies!


I'm Moshe Chaim Katz, I'm a luxury event photographer,

Esther and I together manage our company that provides photo services to event owners who are looking for the best for themselves and unwilling to compromise on quality and quality.


As you probably know, when it comes to a wedding, it's about big money.

Even when you save and buy everything for a minimal price you reach high amounts.

A lot of people say to themselves, if I save everything then why should I take a prestigious professional photographer?

I'm telling you!

Only photos will last you for life.

 Not only will you enjoy them but your children and grandchildren will enjoy for years to come!



The taste of the food will be forgotten, the fancy dress will return to the bridal salon and the music will be lost among all other events, what will remain? Only the photos and videos from the event, which will remind everyone of the wonderful event.



Another reason why take a professional photographer? Because only a professional photographer can really achieve a good quality of the images even if the other elements of the event are not really eye-catching.



Please note, the price of the photographer may not always be reflected in the level of pictures he or she provides to the customer.

For some photographers, most of the amount they take is based solely on their reputation.

And the customer gets standard-quality photos for a high price.

Since there are many types of photographers out there, it is very important to consider not only the price but also the quality of the photography,

 Always remember!

 A high price doesn't necessarily mean high quality photography,


My advice!


 Don't just check the price, but the photos of the photographer.


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And see videos about pictures and events we took.

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